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OK, you know how I was going to launch this big new pro-life site after the retirement of LeftOut? Well, life intervened, as it so often will, and I was never able to put together the kind of comprehensive site I wanted to. It was going to be great, too, with a library of articles, opportunities for activism, chats with key “alternative” pro-life figures, MeetUps for folks to get together with like-minded people locally, podcasts, and tons more. (Seriously, you should see my notes.) Hard to believe I never that got off the ground in my spare time, isn’t it?

Eventually, it occurred to me that I didn’t really have to pull all that stuff together and present it as a fait accompli. It could and should be a community effort. What I really needed to do was help the community get together. I also found that I was more and more frustrated reading left-leaning and feminist blogs (as well as traditional pro-life ones) and not having any place to put forth an alternate view of abortion politics-as-usual.

Hence, this blog. I’m just going to state what I believe, post, and see what happens.

I believe in ending abortion via social progress. I believe that expanding the circle of legal “personhood” to include every human being is a radically progressive goal. I believe that turning back the clock to a time of restrictive gender roles and one-size-fits-all sexuality is not just, not possible, and not an effective way to end abortion. I believe that a sick society which encourages violence, poverty, discrimination, and other forms of social brutality will never be inclined to protect the most vulnerable among us. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe that contraception and comprehensive sex education are valuable in and of themselves in addition to being important tools for reducing the demand for abortion. I believe, despite the near-total lack of representation for people like me in the “mainstream” pro-life movement, that there are a lot of us out there.

If this sounds like someplace you’d like to belong, please join on in.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere… I have a little trouble reading your posts – on IE7 on a Windows box, the far left character of text on each line seems to be cut off because of another element that overlaps it – you might see if you can push that over a little. Don’t worry – I struggled with CSS for a long time before I could get the page to display the way I wanted.

    I’m a little different than you (ok probably a lot) in my approach to abortion. I certainly don’t look at abortion as an *innate* right, nor do I look upon it as a good. But, I do see that it is a symptom of social ills rather than a cause of them, and I do believe that *reasonable* access to it is necessary for the personhood rights of women to be fully protected.

    I don’t know what you mean when you say that “all human beings” should be included in the definition of “personhood”… If you include human embryos as “human beings”, I would disagree strongly – and though there will be plenty of time to discuss those differences in the future and I will not challenge you now, I can’t help wonder what sort of ethical basis you would have for placing the same moral weight on a human embryo as on … well, on a person. But, of course, you have your own thoughts you want to express on this blog, and there is no hurry for you to address mine. Good luck & I hope your project is a success. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I’m pretty clueless about CSS — I just yoinked this template from http://themes.wordpress.net/ and haven’t changed much — but I’ll see what I can do.

    And, yes, I will certainly be posting on the topic you brought up, in due time. :)

  3. Hi Jen, I just received your message last night, and yes, am very much interested and happy to hear from you. I am a member of Feminists for Life. I would be interested in getting a local group together, even informally. Anyone else in the Philly area interested?

    For now, I’m happy just to hear from other like-minded folks. The media’s tendency to compartmentalize pro-lifers is so frustrating. Hopefully this group will give a stronger voice to non-extremist views.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for commenting!

    Do you have a contact email or URL for people who would like to get in touch with you about forming a local group?

  5. Yes – here’s my email:
    gypsy71 [at] comcast [dot] net ~ Thanks, Denise

    (I edited the comment in the hope of keeping your email from getting picked up by spambots. –jr)

  6. This is wonderful, Jen!
    I agree with all that you’ve said.
    I am particularly glad to read a prolife person appreciating the importance of having contraception available as a part of the effort to reduce abortion.
    Of course it’s not the entire answer. We basically need to arrive at total respect for all human life.
    I spent my working life as a special education teacher and my experience taught me profound respect for my students. It grieves me deeply that many unborn children are killed because of their disabilities.
    I liked your question, about the article on Crisis Pregnancy Centers, where is Birthright in all this. It was odd that the writer ommitted that very large and profoundly ethical and respectful organization.
    Thanks for this great Blog!
    Rose Evans

  7. Hi. I’m a reporter in Washington, D.C., at a magazine called Congressional Quarterly. I’d like to chat with you about the issues you’re addressing in your blog, if you’re willing. Mind emailing me when you have a moment? Thanks! JC

  8. Hi, Jen: I just googled your name after reading the infidels debate with Mr. Carrier (?). My original google search which led me to that debate was on the phrase “what is a child.” I had just looked “child” up in my Encyclopedia Britannica, to confirm that all embryos are children (the entry on “embryo” clearly states that in humans, children are called embryos at a certain stage, but that’s maybe not quite the same thing). Unfortunately and surprisingly no entry for “child” so I resorted to Google.

    Very interesting debate; one that I’ve been in once myself. I will have to reread it. I want to examine how Carrier’s excellently presented points are dualistic in spite of his denial. Your point about “C” and “C-prime” (namely, “personhood” versus “being valued by others as a peron”) was excellent.

    My antagonist made very similar points to Carrier, and I believe many of these arguments may have reached their maximum point of public distribution in Carl Sagan’s defense of abortion in Parade magazine back in the ’80s.

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